The Origins of Regurando レグランド


Regurando レグランド is a Japanese horror inspired apparel line created by award winning designer LeGrand Leseur. LeGrand Leseur wanted to expand his high-end fashion line with a street wear brand inspired by the darker side of Japanese horror culture. While the t-shirts and hoodies have full designs on them the accessories are super minimalistic with mainly just the brands name. 


Regurando レグランド Founder


Regurando レグランド plans on expanding the brand over the next year while keeping the integrity and respect to the culture of Japanese Horror from which we draw our inspiration. Our brand wants to highlight what we consider to be one of the most overlooked aspect of Japanese culture in the states. The horror genre of movies in the United States has heavily relied on the ideas of Japanese movies from previous years but these legendary movies and mangas rarely get the credit or honor they deserve. We hope to be a stepping stone in the process of getting recognition for these monoliths of cinema and culture. 

 Regurando レグランド has already been worn by multiple celebrities and musicians such as Sylar, CloZee, and Ghost Bath.